Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Headlights and Lightbulb Moments

A couple weeks ago I set about restoring my yellowed, cloudy, dim headlights with a kit I bought off Amazon.

Halfway through the process it began to rain. It is Seattle, after all. And even if I was willing to get wet for the sake of finishing up, the process still requires a 6-hour cure time to complete with no rain, no direct sunlight and no driving. Such restrictions un-garaged folk like me at a serious disadvantage.

Despite my disappointment, the headlights were much brighter for the portion I managed to complete. I reveled in my improved night vision and safety and was all happy and squeeing over it.

Then they began getting dimmer again.

In fact, before I knew it I was having so much trouble seeing I used my brights every second I could that evening of driving. A policeman noticed and followed me a while, down back country roads the Waze app was oddly directing me through, while I frantically tried to act all nonchalant under his authoritative presence.

The next day I was determined to get those headlights done. I got myself in a goodhead space for it. It was going to be awesome! They'd be all fixed up and pretty and safe! And after spending several hours working away at it, I faithfully waited for the sealant to cure all 6 hours before driving.

Finally it was done! The lenses were gorgeous! I was being all safe and responsible and I'd have plenty of light!

Then I turned the key--and noticed something was very off.

I emerged to confirm my suspicions: A headlight was out.

I burst out laughing. So that's why it was so dim the night before.

Every time I think I'm making progress... ah well.

The good news is RockAuto had a rebate on high quality GE bulbs, So with the $15 mail-in rebate I'll be paying just $16 total for a set of premium low beams, including shipping.

I'll get these headlights happening yet!

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